What is the best Australian pokie?

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Also on this website you will find an online casino overview of the best Australian casinos for online gambling. These casinos have been selected by us on reliability, customer friendliness, free to play casino games, and above all fair play. There are also often live casinos. Live casino reviews give a good insight into which ones are the best. Registration is always free and does not commit you to anything. In our Top-List you will often find the better online casino bonuses with the better conditions to unlock them.

The Beginning of Pokie Machines

Not all the theories agree as to who invented the first pokie machine, but most believe it was the ‘Liberty Bell’, developed by a certain Charles Fay in 1887. It was easy to play and understand, with 3 reels, one winning line and only 5 symbols, including diamond, spades, heart, horseshoe and bell.

The first pokie machines appeared on the US stage at the beginning of the 20th century.

At that time it was illegal to gamble and play for real money, so the earliest recorded winnings were distributed in the form of chewing gum with different flavors, with the winning symbols displayed on the reels. Some of the most popular online pokies were cherry and melon.

The Psychology of Colors

So, the early gambling machines are the ones we should thank for involving the pokie association moment in gambling. It’s interesting to mention that the Mills Novelty Company had a Bell-pokie logo on one of the products used in these games.

However, could there be a deeper psychological explanation behind the everlasting popularity of pokie machines? Some people tend to believe this. It is known that people react to colors. Depending on your mood, you choose to wear light or dark colors.

What does that have to do with pokie machines? Well, pokie used in pokies is presented as it exists in the real world. Lemon is yellow, strawberries are red, oranges are orange. These are all cheerful colours that send positive and happy messages to our brains when we look at them.

Delicious and Tasty Pokies

But stop for a moment, because the story doesn’t end here. People love food, don’t they? And food has forever been more than just a primary human need. It’s a ceremony, a pleasure and a reason for people to spend time together.

In fact, in 1963, when Bally developed the first pokie machine called Money Honey, it contained pokiey goodness such as melons, lemons, oranges and cherries. And it’s still the same today – pokie machines look as attractive as they did when they were invented. Online casinos love pokie machines in their selection of games. Reason? They love to please their players and players love pokie machines. It’s a win-win combination. Of the thousands of games that appear daily, the pokiey classic never disappoints.

Classic Jackpot Pokie Machines

Classic Jackpot pokie machines are ideal for taking the time to gamble online. Minimal stakes with maximum winning chances. Classic jackpot has been put online especially for those first generation online gamblers. But also for the newer generation who also want to taste the old gambling pleasure. The classic jackpot pokie machines are part of this line of pokie machines, so there are a lot of promotions.

Online Casinos

It’s always hard to find your way around the many online casinos on the internet. They come with large numbers of casino online and offer their casino games. But those same casinos disappear just as quickly. At our site we advertise exclusively pokie machines for the online casino tested by us. The fact that there are a lot of scam casinos online often keeps players from playing in the casino from home. We therefore hope that we can give you a familiar picture on our online casino pokie machines page where online casino games such as live roulette are also featured. Playing roulette for free to try out is always possible.

10 tips to Beat Pokie Games

Below is our list of 10 tips to beat the pokie machine. Take advantage, but remember: in the end, the casino always wins.

1. Decide in advance what winnings you are satisfied with and stick to it!

A strategy that works very well for us is what we call the “Hit-and-run” technique. Suppose we deposit money at an online casino to play real money casino games, then we decide in advance what our winnings will be. This is always realistic and achievable. If we deposit 100 Dollars then the profit target is not 10,000 Dollars. But it is: 200 dollars.

A profit of 100 Dollars on a deposit of 100 Dollars can be done. As soon as we have reached that goal, we will have the 200 Dollars paid out. If we have any money left, we set a new profit target and start again.

2. Leave the Autoplay Feature Off

Our second tip to beat the pokie machines is not to use the autoplay. It sounds so attractive: just put on 250 or 500 spins on the autoplay, in the meantime do something else and after an hour or so look where you ended up. The big problem with autoplay is that you lose focus. Maybe on the way you had a big series with positive spins and a nice bonus game. Maybe you had reached your winning goal and in the meantime you have lost it all. You don’t know, because you didn’t have the attention. And that could cost you a lot of money.

3. Avoid Progressive Jackpot Pokie Machines

Progressive jackpot pokie machines like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and Divine Fortune lure players with progressive jackpots that can run into millions. However, these types of pokie machines are primarily designed to evaporate your balance as quickly as possible. A large part of each bet (up to 8%!) is used to backpack the jackpot. And that means there’s a lot less left to distribute to players who aren’t lucky enough to win the jackpot.

The chances of winning that multi-million-dollar jackpot are negligible. The chance of you playing yourself broke on a progressive pokie machine is almost 100%. Or do you remember the last time you won big on the Mega Moolah? Exactly.

4. Play as many Pokie Machines as Possible with Medium Variance

Low variance pokie machines like Starburst or Spinions Beach Party are deadly for your balance. A low variance means that you often have a prize, but as a rule they are mostly small prizes of 1 x – 3 x your bet. And often even less than 1 x your bet. Of course, these are very nice and popular video pokies, but in the end, you’re only slowly losing your balance. A kind of 4 steps forward, and 5 steps back with every spin.

You better play medium variance pokie machines like Blood Suckers II, Beer Haus and Planet of the Apes.

5. Only play on Aussie Pokie Machines with High Payout Rates

If you can choose between an interest rate of 5% at the bank or an interest rate of 2.5%, which one do you choose? We at least for the first option and we suspect that it would be no different for you. Because a difference of 2.5% is very big. Still, many players never look at the payout rate of a pokie machine. While there can be huge differences between them. And yes, that sometimes makes a difference of more than 2.5%.

We have compiled a list of the best paying online pokie machines, make use of it!

6. Say NO to a Casino Welcome Bonus

A casino welcome bonus sounds so attractive. And it’s also nice to see your deposit doubled or even tripled. But if you want to win money on pokie machines, you better refuse a welcome bonus.

Every welcome bonus comes with conditions that prevent you from withdrawing your balance right away. You will need to wager the bonus (and sometimes the deposit as well!) a number of times before you can freely withdraw your money. And sometimes you’ll lose a large part of your balance before you’ve finally met the wagering conditions.

7. Do Not Use a Quick Spin Option

More and more pokie machines have the option to run the rolls faster. With Play’n GO pokie machines you can tick it, with Netent you have to click the option in the menu and with the pokie machines of Pragmatic Play and Red Tiger Gaming you just have to press the space bar. This quick spin option blurs your gaze, lowers your focus and increases the chances of tilt (out of frustration, extremely high bets to win back your loss). Our advice: keep it at the normal spinning speed.

8. Stop in Time

Our first tip was to set a profit target for yourself in advance. At the other end of the spectrum, it is also good to agree on a loss limit with yourself. And that is only step 1. Step 2 is to stick to that as well.

Have you run out of money? Then put away your bank card or credit card and go for a walk with the dog. Take the gambling out of your system and make sure you don’t go after your money. Think of gambling as fun entertainment, but also make sure it stays there.

9. Play as Much as Possible on Online Pokie Machines

Fact: online pokie machines pay on average 5% – 19% more than land based pokie machines in a cafe, vending machine hall or Las Vegas. On average an online pokie machine pays out between 95% and 99%.

Pokie machines in pubs and amusement arcades pay out between 80% and 85% and in Las Vegas pokie machines pay out between 87% and 92%. After all, brick casinos have a much higher overhead and they earn that back through a higher house edge, among other things.

Try our huge range of free demo pokies!

10. Read our Pokie machine reviews

We review all new pokie machines and much more. In these extensive pokies reviews, our experts not only tell you how the pokie machine works, but we also review important information such as payout percentage, variance and hit frequency. And of course you can also test them for free in the demo version first.

Conclusion of the best Australian pokie available in 2020

At the online casinos in our Top-List you can choose from hundreds of the funniest and newest online pokies. In addition, new players will receive a nice welcome bonus that can go as high as the hundreds of Dollars! Beat your own pokie machines at these reliable online casinos. The online gambling industry is a very competitive market and therefore originality and innovative approaches are always welcome. However, when it comes to the design of online pokies, most game providers like to have a “safe bet” rather than wandering around in the dark. pokie pokies have been around for a long time and it seems they haven’t lost a single note of their magic.