The Art of Mastering Scooter Tricks



Trick scooters, also known as stunt scooters, are an increasingly popular form of personal transportation. Trick scooters are similar to regular kick scooters but they have strengthened decks and larger wheels that allow riders to do tricks such as jumps and flips. Trick scootering has become a popular sport with competitions around the world.


What is a Trick Scooter?


A trick scooter at Skate Connection is a two-wheeled recreational device designed for performing stunts and tricks. It consists of three main parts: the deck which supports the rider; two handlebars; and two large wheels with grip tape on them for traction while riding or doing stunts. The handlebars can be adjusted in height and tilt so that riders can customize their trick scooter setup according to their individual preferences. The deck is usually made from metal or plastic, making it more durable than regular kick scooters which typically have wooden decks. A trick scooter usually has an integrated brake system that makes it easier to control when riding at speed or performing tricks like jumps or flips. 

Advantages of Using a Trick Scooter 


Trick scooting offers many advantages over other forms of recreation such as skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX biking, and even traditional kick scooting.


Components of a Trick Scooter


Trick scooters are a fun and exciting way for people of all ages to get outside and stay active. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just getting started, it’s important to understand the components of your trick scooter in order to ensure safety and optimal performance. Here is a breakdown of the three main components that make up a trick scooter: 


  1. Deck: The deck is the base of the trick scooter and provides support for riders during stunts. It typically consists of two plates made out of aluminium or steel welded together with bolts, washers, spacers, and nuts. The dimensions vary depending on the type of riding you plan on doing (i.e., freestyle, street/park). Some decks even feature reinforced pegs that allow riders to perform grinds on rails and other surfaces.


  1. Forks and Handlebars: The forks are connected to the front wheel axle in order to provide steering control while riding your trick scooter; they also help absorb shocks from jumps and tricks.


Types of Tricks and Stunts Performed on Trick Scooters


Trick scooters are increasingly becoming a popular choice for extreme sports enthusiasts. Trick scooters (also known as stunt scooters or freestyle scooters) provide an excellent platform for performing a variety of tricks and stunts, from the basic to the more advanced. This article will explore some of the tricks and stunts that can be performed on trick scooters.


One of the most basic tricks is grinding, which involves riding along an edge such as a rail or ledge, then jumping off and landing with one foot on either side of it while keeping control over your balance. This is also called “grinding” because it causes friction between your foot and the edge you are riding along. More advanced grinds can involve jumping up onto higher ledges or rails, or spinning around in mid-air before landing back on two wheels again.


Manuals are another basic trick that involves balancing your weight over both wheels while still maintaining control over momentum and direction. Manuals can be used to transition into other tricks such as spins, flips, and grinds, making them very versatile manoeuvres that require good coordination between body parts in order to execute correctly. 


Safety Considerations When Performing Tricks on a Trick Scooter


Trick scooter riding is a fun and exciting way to show off your skills while also getting some exercise. However, it’s important to remember that there are safety considerations you need to take into account when performing tricks on your trick scooter.


Wear protective gear. Elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet are essential for protecting yourself from potential injuries. If you plan on doing more advanced tricks like flips or grinds, consider buying wrist guards as well for extra protection. Make sure all of the protective gear fits properly so that it won’t move around or fall off during use. 


Practice in an open area away from people and objects that can be damaged if you take a wrong turn or misjudge the distance of a jump. You should also make sure the ground is flat and free of any obstacles like rocks or sticks that could cause you to lose control or hurt yourself if landed incorrectly. 


Warm up before performing tricks with stretches and light cardio exercises such as jogging in place or jumping jacks to loosen your muscles so they don’t become strained during stunts.



Trick scooters have become an incredibly popular activity for children and adults alike. From providing a great way to get around the city to giving riders an opportunity to express themselves through tricks, there is no doubt that trick scooters offer a unique and fun experience. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, trick scooters can offer something new and exciting every time.