Know the reasons to invest in Bratt pans from Ian Boer Australia

Your search for the most versatile and functional piece of kitchen equipment ends with the selection of bratt pans that are known as the heart and soul of your commercial kitchen. These are amazing equipments that are known to perform a large number of functions with ease and efficiency. Hence, you should invest in good quality bratt pans from Ian Boer Australia for ensuring that you will enjoy the desired outcome from its use over a short time span. Even the busiest kitchen cooking can benefit from the use of this versatile piece of equipment so that you will not have to worry about using different utensils for different cooking methods. There are different high volume sizes of bratt pans that are available so that you can select the one based on your cooking requirements.


Bratt pans for boiling or steaming. There are many reasons why you should purchase bratt pans from Ian Boer Australia and the most important reason is its innovative designs and features that make it an excellent option for your commercial kitchen. Additionally, you can either select from electric or gas options of the bratt pans so that there no need to juggle for different power sources. You will get some of the best features when selecting bratt pans from Ian Boer including durable construction, complete temperature control and easy tilting. It allows you to enjoy a large number of benefits in busy cooking environment so that your kitchen equipment can withstand the hustle bustle of being used for large scale food preparation. You can use these bratt pans for eight various methods of cooking including braising, boiling, stewing, deep fat frying, shallow frying, poaching and steam. Hence, there is no need to invest in different appliances for performing different tasks because bratt pans can perform every function in an effective manner. Even if any particular recipe requires multi cooking method, you can use the pans for perform various functions without the need of changing the utensils. Additionally, the tilting features of the pans can be of great help for cooking some food that requires great expertise and high performance equipment. You can use the manual or electric bratt pans as it is available in different power sources so that you can select the one that suits your preferences.


Using bratt pans are considered as the best way of enjoying the use from this multi-functional piece of cooking equipments that are especially designed for performing different functions. The specialized unit of the pan allows you to cook a wide variety of foods according to your requirements. Hence, it is a wonderful addition to your commercial kitchen as it is a versatile and flexible kind of equipment due to its usage pattern and large size. The adjustable thermostat of the pan can make it easier for you to use them for any kind of cooking. You can select from 50 to 310 degree Celsius so that your food will be cooked evenly and you will enjoy preparing large quantities of food at one time.