Coinspot review Australia

Coinspot is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange in Australia that allows its users to purchase Bitcoin in Australia. Coinspot exchange has almost a million users ever since they were established in 2013.


This Coinspot review Australia will look into the trading fees, payment methods, deposit limits, interface, security and safety protocols, and customer service.


What is Coinspot?

Coinspot is a well-known and trusted cryptocurrency exchange that is located in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. Their platform provides an opportunity for its users to safely and securely buy and sell cryptocurrency. In Australia, Coinspot is considered one of the best in the industry of cryptocurrency. Their users can instantly buy or sell Bitcoin or even make a trade to the open market to earn substantial profits.


Through Casey Block Services Pty Ltd ABN 19 619 574 186, Coinspot is given a license to operate as a company in Australia. Cryptocurrency in Australia is heavily guarded and regulated by the financial sector. This safety guideline ensures that all their operations are conducted properly, especially since operating with their investors’ money.


Services and Features

One of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, Coinspot was able to design their services and features to suit the needs of their users.


Coinspot has a design interface that is easily accessible to its users. More than 210 cryptocurrency coins are made available for both sellers and buyers. Coinspot is also best known for how fast their transaction is. Within just a few minutes, users can buy or sell their cryptocurrency.


Supported Cryptocurrencies

More than 200 cryptocurrencies are supported by Coinspot. Well known cryptocurrency exchanges to sell, swap, or buy are made available such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin to name a few. The wallet that comes with CoinSpot can also be used to keep any coin, convert to AUD, or change to a different cryptocurrency. Coinspot regularly updates and puts in new coins that Australian altcoin buyers can use.



The user-interface of Coinspot is easy to navigate. It provides a dashboard containing trading features that enables its users to manage multiple wallets in one location. Buttons are available to each asset, allowing for a fast buy and sell or even to check on a live price chart. Coinspot Australia also provides its users with a chart that indicates the allotment of the coin holdings. Trading tools are also made available to both traders and investors who look into technical charts to analyze trend lines or technical patterns to assess the way prices behave.



Since the year 2013, when Coinspot was established, not once was it hacked as a cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency exchange has a high standard when it comes to the security and protection of its users. Among all the cryptocurrencies in Australia, Coinspot was the first to earn an ISO security accreditation and the only exchange recognized for its security system. Coinspot utilizes a 2-Factor Authentication to safeguard their users’ accounts from theft and hackers regarding security and safety.


Overall, Coinspot is a safe and secure exchange where you can purchase or sell your Bitcoin. Aside from that, the exchange was able to comply with Australia’s policies on Counter-Terrorist Financing laws and Anti-Money Laundering. Coinsport is highly recommended for beginners in the cryptocurrency exchange.